Compassion International

Compassion International helps children overseas who are affected by poverty. Compassion is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to teaching, helping, and showing mercy to thousands of children who otherwise wouldn’t have life’s basic needs. is a secular non-profit dedicated to the millions of men and women who are physically and mentally abused or sexually assaulted every year. You may have seen NO MORE’s PSAs airing on USA Network featuring Law & Order: SVU actors and actresses such as Ice Cube, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni. It just takes a few minutes, a few dollars or a few words. Just say “NO MORE” to rape and domestic violence.


WAY-FM is a Christian contemporary radio station and non-profit serving the Greater Louisville/Kentuckiana area. They are completely donor-run. They are also massive contributors to various worldwide charities such as Shoes for Peru and Compassion International, but they also do many great things for our local community through Live Service Out. WAY-FM is not only a great station to tune into while driving to work, but by becoming an Impact Partner, you are supporting a great charitable organization. WAY-FM also sends out ledger statements periodically, so you know exactly where your donation is going.


Blood:Water is a Christian non-profit mission based in Nashville, TN whose focus is on giving back by helping Africa’s communities through HIV/AIDS education, clean water drinking wells and schooling for impoverished families. Blood:Water aims to end the water crisis and HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa so that children do not have to die because of dehydration and the disease that has ravaged their continent. When you give to Blood:Water mission, rest assured that the money you give will be used to fund projects that will have a worldwide impact.

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