One mission. OneCross.

Hello, I’m Mike, the owner of OneCross.net. My wife Danielle and I run this website. It was originally created to document my new journey with Christ. Now, it’s half journal, half labor of love. The designs and graphics here are all original, unless documented otherwise.

OneCross is not owned or operated by any church or church affiliate. I am one individual and try to abide by the morals and principles outlined in the New Covenant and express my gratitude for what Christ has done for me. Many times I get it right. Many times, I get it wrong. Therefore, you may want to seek spiritual guidance from a minister if you’re in doubt about something that is said here. Take any and all advice you read here with a grain of salt.

OneCross is an independent site. The views expressed here are not meant to be, nor should be construed as a substitution for a church nor as a ministry affiliation or partnership.

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