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I normally do not make posts such as these as I feel that they can be seen as filler and not related to the actual content, however I do wish to reiterate a point that I have tried to make clear from the very conception of OneCross. This site is not a church-ordained ministry, nor is it meant to replace the advice of a pastor.

OneCross was started so that I could help others as I make the journey of becoming a Christ follower, to help those who are “on the fence” to understand that following Christ does not have to mean changing who you are or joining organized religion.

Following Christ isn’t about that. It is about making little changes, becoming more generous, doing for others; not because you’re trying to earn a spot in paradise but because of the gift that God has given to you.

It is about giving just to give, teaching a child to read or write or answering the calling that has been chosen for you.

I would like to make this clear from my experience. Religion is what judges people. For the people who tell others that because of something they have done to their body, or something that they have been, or their past that they are being judged, please, I urge you to seek the advice of your ministry.

If your church gave you the advice to say that to people, they are not walking with Him. Although I am not a minister, I feel that I can say that with confidence and I would then urge you to cite John 3:16 for them. Also, Hebrews 12:15, Philippians 2:6 and Mark 1:7.

For John the Baptist, the man who baptised Jesus himself, felt unworthy even to untie His sandals, let alone cast judgment upon others in His name.

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