Opinion–Science: Not what you think it is

Before I begin, this post is an opinion. It does not reflect all biblical points of view and thus, contains a lot of secular beliefs as well.

A lot of people are under the belief that science cannot possibly intersect with Christ. And under normal circumstances, they would be right. Many of us have been raised not to question what we are taught, to merely accept what is taught in church and look no further. In a way, that is religion.

Let’s see what religion is.

Religion is a much different concept than worship. For the purposes of this article, let’s define exactly what religion is. Religion is a set of beliefs, traditions and rules for worshipping a god or gods.

So before I go further, I do not support religion. Free thought and religion are not conducive to each other.

Science is not what you think it is. It is neither good nor evil, it merely is. It is free thought put to paper. It is art, it is discovery. Moreover, it is not infallible.

The structure of an atom as an example, is neither good nor evil. To understand things such as these is to be humbled by the great complexity of our being. To wonder how, exactly, a collection of atomic particles on the order of trillions of subatomic particles can be alive is, well, quite daunting.

That’s not just science talk, that’s what we have discovered through the use of specialized equipment, thousands of man hours and lots of research. The conclusion? Logically, we should be like robots, functioning only on the parameters given to us by our environment. However, we do not. We think, feel and have the ability to adapt. We are not merely a collection of atoms and energy. After all, how would we see things through our own unique eyes, hear and remember things if all we are is one giant chemical reaction? News flash: we’re more than that.

The concept of a soul is what originates from that question. Not that hard to understand is it? Science is not made to or meant to replace God or Christ, although many have used it to do so. In fact, science has, many times, bolstered conclusions already drawn in the Bible. If you want to be more specific, science is merely what we, as humans, can rationally and logically explain.

So what about our soul? Well, science cannot explain that. Why do we thirst for knowledge and crave understanding? Science cannot explain that. What possesses us to ask ourselves these questions? Science cannot explain that.

Yes, we can name off all of the cortexes in the human brain that are responsible for curiosity, personality and thought processes, but that does nothing to explain why.

However, the Bible has already answered these questions. And that, my friends, may just be where science and Christ intersect. That, my friends, is up to you to decide.

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