God loves ALL of his children…

If you are reading this, you are loved. Yes you. And you. You in the corner? Yes, you too. There are persons and church entities out there that will have you believe otherwise, however I implore you to understand that God’s love knows no bounds.

It deeply disheartened me to read of a youngster who committed suicide due to their parents inability or unwillingness to accept their sexual orientation. Yes, I understand that the act of homosexuality is a sin. We’re not here to put the Bible on trial.

If you’ve paid attention in church, God’s forgiveness is a free gift. It was paid for by the blood of Christ, and although I know that some of you will turn the other cheek at what I am about to say, still others will understand the point I am making, and I am sure that many of you will say that I am preaching blasphemy, even bastardizing the Gospel.

Nevertheless, I am going to go there. Because I am tired of seeing parents allowing their children to die because they see a “problem” that needs to be fixed. Remember when you first joined the church, how you were told that people will see you differently, that you may be subject to persecution?

These children are going through the same thing. Ostracized merely for being who they are. For believing what they believe. Judgment of another human being. That, my friends, is exactly what followers of Christ are not supposed to do.

Whether it’s tongue-in-cheek (as in the parent who sends their child to a “counselor” who is nothing more than a glorified priest) or overt (as in the parent who actively participates in day-to-day criticism or the school who refuses to accept a student based on the sole fact that a student isn’t the same as all the rest), the hate needs to stop.

Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Parents, love your children, regardless of what they believe. Just as God loves them, and you.

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