An Intel Marriage?

Many of us have seen the new Intel commercials touting a new feature: the ability to change focus on a picture that has already been taken. In it, Jim Parsons (you may know him as Sheldon on the CBS television show, Big Bang Theory) confronts a young couple with the idea that if their marriage doesn’t work out, the lady featured can always re-focus the picture so that her new husband can’t be clearly seen. This is wrong on so many levels, and I’m going to use Biblical evidence to outline why.

Marriage is a covenant. Marriage is meant to be a God-witnessed covenant between the person you are marrying and yourself. This is explained in Malachi 2:14-16.

In marriage, two become one. This is explained in Matthew 19:4-6. What do you think happens when two bodies, joined together as one, try to separate themselves again? Just as fabric rips and tears, so do those couples involved in a divorce. No matter how you slice it, nobody ends up the same as before.

Divorce is considered adultery. In Luke 16:18, divorce is equated to adultery. As is stated in the Ten Commandments, “thou shalt not commit adultery.”

Maybe it’s to help sell product. Maybe it’s a line that was written by the producers. Maybe people think that God just isn’t making marriages the same way He always has. At any rate, maybe we should reconsider the fact that divorcing your husband or wife to end a marriage that, “just isn’t working out,” is, at least Biblically, invalid.

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