God’s Love and the Meaning of Christmas

Christmas these days seems to have turned into a massive corporate holiday. It is the most profitable time of year for many retailers, so much so that many companies are staying open on Christmas day. It is no wonder that it has become so easy to get lost on the true meaning of Christmas, especially if one has to work that day. However, this post is not to scold or admonish those businesses who wish to stay open on Christmas, so much as it is to bring the true meaning of Christmas into light.

John 3:16, arguably the most oft-quoted verse from the bible, states that Jesus was given to the world by God to save those who believed in Him from death. This is a cause for celebration, not just on Christmas day, but in everything we do. Christmas day is set aside as a day to worship and to remind ourselves of Jesus Christ, who was born to pay the cost of our sins. It is often that we mistakenly celebrate the birthday of Jesus on Christmas day, yet biblical evidence pointed out in the testament of Luke suggests that Jesus was not even born in the month of December. However, while Jesus was most likely not born on December 25, Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth.

The exact calendar location of Christmas day is a tradition steeped in uncertainty as to when Jesus was actually born, owed in large part to a lack of biblical evidence that would suggest an exact date. Most Christian faiths agree upon December 25 despite the evidence mentioned in the previous paragraph. Still, I am not certain that the day on which we celebrate Jesus’ birth is as important as the fact that we do. God gave the world Jesus to die on the cross for us. With his conception, the world was brought good tidings, and the word became flesh. All of this because God loves us all, so much so that He wanted to ensure that no one fell short of His grace.

The true meaning of Christmas may be lost on corporate giants whose mission is to turn a profit, however the Bible clearly states that we should not let anyone fall short of his grace (Hebrews 12:15). Regardless of what we have, give. Regardless of what we need, give. Regardless of race, creed, faith or sexuality, give. God sent us Jesus. I think we can spare some change. To give without any expectation of a reward, that is the true meaning of Christmas.

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