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Today’s post is not one of moral or biblical teaching. Instead, it is about prayer. Everyday, we are faced with countless problems in our lives. Despite our many abilities, we should always pray, we should always seek guidance from our heavenly father, and we should always do this through Christ; because the argument that we are in complete control of our own lives is completely blown away by two simple truths: that we are born and we leave this earth; both events are natural and, in the absence of human intervention, will occur completely by God’s will.

Prayer is somewhat of a misnomer. It has become that way due to its ritualized nature within churches. Prayer was never meant to become a ritual, nor worship. However, due to certain circumstances, many, if not most people see prayer and worship as something that one does at church and often confuse the two for one another, e.g. prayer is worship and worship is prayer. However, it should be noted that while prayer is worship, worship is not necessarily prayer.

Worship is both a feeling and an expression of reverence. Spoken prayer, music, church services and bible studies are all examples of worship. Worship is anything that you feel or do that brings you closer to God and Jesus Christ.

Rather confusing concept, isn’t it? Prayer is a conversation, a connection between God and you, by words and by actions. It does not have to be ritualized, there is no particular order in which to say things. Spontaneous, thoughtful prayer is something that believers can do. As Dave Stone, senior pastor at Southeast Christian notes, pray constantly.

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