Disconnected In A Connected World

One of the most striking things that you may notice about this article is that I’m not posting this on Facebook or Twitter — that is because I am about to make a case against technology. Technology increasingly makes it easier for us to connect to others. Phones do much more these days than place phone calls. We are able to text, to get on Facebook and Twitter, we are able to network in ways we never thought possible. However, this recent explosion in technology has disadvantages that go far beyond that. Today we’re going to take a look at the negative impacts that technology has on our world.

  • Businesspeople. With cellular technology making it possible for us to connect at any time of day and night, more businessmen-and-women are finding that they take their work home with them. Managers are now finding themselves trapped in a constant struggle to balance home life and work due to the 24/7 mindset introduced by modern society.
  • Personal relationships. Ever heard the term, “long distance relationship?” It has become somewhat of a household term these days. It was once used to describe a relationship by where one partner may have moved away from the other or went on a long distance vacation. Contrast that with now, where the term is often used to describe two people who have never even met face to face.
  • Stress. More cardiologists will tell you that stress is a big cause of heart attacks, and with the amount of technology we are exposed to, it becomes difficult not to stress out about it. On one side of the coin, we want to be able to be reached in an emergency, on the other we don’t always want to be reached. If one has a family member that isn’t doing so well or a job that requires that the individual be on call, this can become a source of stress.
  • Biblical relationships. While it may not seem this way, our relationship with our heavenly father is often damaged by technology, with increasing availability of porn and other immoral websites. It is possible to view immoral content without even realizing it, because it is just so prevalent on the web.
  • Immorality. The situation is much different than it used to be. One used to have to make a concerted effort to seek out immoral content–now, one must remain constantly vigilant to avoid it.

So what can we do? First, your employer is not entitled to know your personal cell number. You do not have to give it to them. If they insist, give them your home number instead. If they want you to take your work home with you then politely say, “if you can provide a cellular phone for business purposes then I will be happy to answer it for you.” If friends want to know your cell phone number, ask them to call instead of texting. Establish a time after which you will not answer texts or calls and hold firm to it. Turn your phone off at night. You’d be surprised what not having lights blinking, vibration alerts, ringtones, bright screens, etc. at all hours of the night will do for your sleep.

And sometimes, just go out on a date, tell everyone you’re forgetting the cell at home and live life as God intended you to — without all the wires, the batteries and the microphones attached to your body. Next time we’ll look at some of the more positive impacts of technology. It’s date night, however, so I will be unavailable for the rest of the day. No calls, no Facebook, no texts, no Twitter.

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