How Christianity Saved My Life

Ever seen that guy? You know, the one walking down the street with a beer in his hand, so drunk that he can’t even stand up straight? What about the guy with a “milk mustache” from snorting cocaine or pills, the one who’s so high he doesn’t even know his own name? Ever thought, “I’d never want to be that guy.”? I used to be that guy. Christ not only saved my soul. For me it was something perhaps, that’s just as personal. He saved my life.

I feel like many people do not understand or are able to fully appreciate the gift that Christ has given us. I am broken. Yet, I am no longer addicted to illegal drugs and I haven’t had a drink in over 3 months. I know that my readers might think I’m a little crazy for saying this, but hear me out. I only recently accepted Christ.

I’m not the guy who you see singing at the top of my lungs every week at church, nor do I always go to church. I like my Saturday services, and tradition really doesn’t matter to me, as I enjoy non-traditional worship services. I’ve also spent many a night sick because I’d drank too much or in pain because I wanted more drugs.

However, I am made the better for accepting Christ into my life. As I lost friends who had kept me addicted to drugs, I heard a voice telling me that everything was going to be alright. As I watched my dad pass on into the next life, I felt a hand on my shoulder, comforting me. As my life fell apart, I felt my soul as it was lifted to help me overcome the obstacles in the way.

I don’t know, maybe you’ll think I’m full of crap. Or maybe you ARE that guy. You know, that guy. Standing on the fence, with a choice. Either to keep going deeper in the hole, or allow yourself to admit that you too are broken.

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