Advice for Girls

In the course of personal relationships, we sometimes run into little roadblocks that must be addressed. So I’m offering these tidbits of advice for girls who are having trouble in their relationships with guys.

  • Don’t keep your guy on a leash. As a man, I can tell you that when a woman keeps a short leash on a guy, it reeks of insecurity and will turn a guy off in a heartbeat.
  • Do assert yourself. In order to shine, you must be willing to say things that may be tough for you to say. If your man says or does something that makes you feel offended, say something about it. It’s certainly better for a man to know that you care enough about yourself to say something than to hide in the shadows and act like the problem doesn’t exist.
  • Do take some time to yourself. If you’re always with your guy, not only does this give him the impression that you are needy, but spending all of your free time with him will not help your cause any, either. That’s a double-whammy. If you’re not married, you should have no reason to live together, so take that time and come up with something really sweet to do the next time you are together.
  • Don’t give yourself the appearance of being available all of the time. This screams “DESPERATE!” out loud and staying busy helps you resist other temptations.
  • Do eat healthy and get lots of sleep. Healthy meals and sleep can help you control emotional and mental impulses that can lead to problems in your relationships. Also, you will feel better in general as a result.
  • Don’t call/text 24/7. Set up a reasonable time to call and text, and stick to it. You need to trust your guy. If there’s no trust, there’s no relationship. He doesn’t need to hear your voice constantly to know that you care.
  • Do let your guy know that you love him no matter what. I don’t think it needs to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. God’s love is unconditional, so should yours be as well.

Now, I’m not saying that you should put up with abuse, or rush to get married just so you have an excuse to spend all of your free time together. Trust me, these approaches do not and will not work. Period. I can guarantee that calling 15 times a day just to say “I love you,” will put you two on a fast track to a breakup. I’ve been there, done that. However, if you can understand each others’ differences and take off the leash, I think you’ll find yourself in a lot happier situation.

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