Our Bible and Technology

As we are well aware, the times they are a’changing and technology is changing with it. We now have iPads, iPods, iMacs; what’s next, iBibles? All jest aside, technology is a powerful tool, allowing orders to be filled faster than ever, allowing information to be accessed at a mind-boggling rate and giving us a new way to open our hearts to Him. Yes, technology can also be used for sin, (internet porn comes to mind) but as with all good inventions, there are two sides to a coin.

Look at the many websites such as BibleGateway.com, which contains almost every translation of the Holy Bible in existence. Academia of all sorts including math, science, language, literary, the list of resources goes on and on. There are thousands of websites with information on and interpretations of the Bible including further information on the human condition, charities that help by giving back to the community and many other resources that can help Christians further their relationship with God.

To respond to a statement I’ve heard many times, science is not evil. See above. As with all aspects of human thought, there are two sides to a coin. Remember that computing technology came about as a result of science. Surely, God would not have created scientists if He had not intended for these individuals to be a part of His plan. Some of the greatest scientific minds in history were Christians, believe it or not.

That said, this is not a debate about science and Christianity. I am simply getting at the fact that technology is a good thing in the right context, as it can help us not only to spread the word of God to more people, but also to enrich our lives with endless learning and opportunity.

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