Tuning into the Bigger Picture

When you see the news, do you think more about the debate on whether to allow same-sex couples to be legally married, or do you think more about the child featured on Wednesday’s child? Do you pray for absolution or do you pray for AIDS patients in Africa? What is it that really hits your nerves?

If you didn’t just think about adopting a child by now, you might not be tuning into the bigger picture. The truth is, we’d rather debate the age and origin of our universe than to figure out how to make our world a better place to live in. We’d rather bait an argument about the legal definition of the word “marriage” than to help people who have no voice in their governing. We look at the tiniest little details and pick them to pieces, but fail to recognize and make even a pinprick in the mounting problems facing the world today.

I will come out and say it: biblical marriage is between one man and one woman. Laws are ever-changing. Our Bible is pretty much the same since it was written. Here’s the thing: we are taking lessons from God, but what are we giving back? Do you not think it breaks God’s heart when a pastor is forced by our government to marry a same-sex couple? Of course it does. Pastors have the right to tell anyone else, “no.” Maybe the government should give those couples special rights, too. See how easy it is to bait a debate on the topic? Maybe we should just leave same-sex marriages at “legal” status and make it a courthouse thing: that is, protect a pastor’s ability to decline acknowledging something before the Lord that goes against His will. Even a government clergyman.

Now, on to what counts: when’s the last time you donated to help end the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, or gave a child a home who previously had none? When’s the last time you reached out and gave someone a helping hand when they were struggling to make ends meet? This isn’t something that just anyone can do, but it’s something that WE can do. If just anyone can do it, we’re all going around saying, “well, somebody else can do it.” And sure enough, nothing ever gets done. Just as nothing has been done to acknowledge and end genocide in the world. It only means something to the United States if there is a considerable “financial interest” in the affected nation. These are the types of things that make my blood boil. We can’t seem to help out just to help out.

If you want to make a difference, forget about defining marriage. It’s already defined in the Bible. Don’t worry about absolution. Do something for the world. Learn to look at the bigger picture as God wants you to. Donate to one of the many Christian organizations who will show you their books and let you know exactly where the money is going, such as WAY FM. Check out my “Causes” page.

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