I saw this sign one day while walking around and although it is from a Baptist church, itsĀ faithbooksignmessage is strong, vibrant and current. God truly desires a relationship with you. The question is whether or not you will accept his request. We should always challenge ourselves to do God’s will. When we do that, we challenge others to do the same. Its point is to bring younger people to the congregation. It is a message that is undoubtedly criticized for being “too modern” by those who may be less mature in their faith; however — consider the following points before deciding to judge the effort.

  • Young people are most impressionable, and leaving an impression of morality in a young person’s heart will help them make better choices in life.
  • Often times, children are raised in an environment that doesn’t foster love or moral integrity, contributing to a lifestyle of immoral behavior and self-destructive, often criminal lifestyles.
  • Younger children who attend church regularly are taught discipline, which is often lost on parents who are either afraid to act or are busy due to brutal work schedules.
  • Teens who attend church regularly are taught to think morally and to make wiser decisions later in life, which also helps them stay off the street and out of jail.

However, due to the separation clause in the Constitution, children who choose to express their own beliefs while in school are often silenced or punished for their behavior, while children who persecute and bully others are left undisciplined.

I can understand the point of keeping the Ten Commandments out of courthouse yards, etc. because establishing a state religion is clearly a violation of the Constitution. However, these protections were afforded to the people, not to the state. The public school system has no right to stifle a young person who chooses to express his or her individual beliefs. End rant.

All I’m getting at is that we need to challenge others in the same way that this sign has challenged us. Can you find it in your heart to accept our Lord’s request?

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