Finding a Church – Integrity of the Word and Tithing

Have you ever been in church and thought to yourself, “I just wish I could take a nap?” If so, you might not be attending the right one. Finding a church is a lot like finding a companion. Sometimes, we just have to take a step back and let God guide us.

I’ve attended a few different churches, from Baptist to Christian and even a couple of Catholic masses.  The services were boring, or I just couldn’t get into what the preacher was saying. It was as if all the life were being sucked out of me every time I attended a service. It wasn’t until I met my current girlfriend that I found one that seemed to “just fit.” So what makes a good church home?

Listen to the sermon. I mean, really listen to it. Does the preacher speak with integrity, or does it feel like they’re reading from a blank page? Ministers should always preserve the integrity of the word, so keep that in mind as you are “Church surfing.”

For example, are you being asked by the preacher to provide money in exchange for some kind of miracle, financial freedom, or some other benefit? If so, you’re being lured in by greed. Miracles happen every day and every success comes with hard work. You aren’t paying for a miracle, you’re stuffing some greedy bastard’s pocket. Tithing is 10% of your household income. You can and should give more if at all possible, but nobody who is preaching with any integrity would ever promise a miracle with your tithe.


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