One mission. OneCross.

Ever felt as if our entire lives are spent running on a treadmill? Constantly overworked, always underpaid? If you feel that way, chances are you haven’t confessed lately. Maybe you feel like your personal relationships are crumbling. It’s possible that your relationship with Christ is just lacking in depth a little. Even though we might not immediately recognize these things, sometimes we just need to get back in touch with our Lord and savior.

OneCross is on a mission. If you are lost or misguided, maybe some of the advice here will help you strengthen your relationship with Christ. Maybe you haven’t quite found His grace yet. That’s okay. Men and women of all ages are invited to read the pages within OneCross.

OneCross is an independent site. The views expressed here are not meant to be, nor should be construed as a substitution for a church nor as a ministry affiliation or partnership.